Frank Liu

As the Executive Director of W&R International Design Group, China, Mr. Liu
Jiangquan is a designer with wealth of practical experience in design industry
as well as an excellent manager. As a designer, he has rich experience in
design performance throughoutChina and some cities in theUnited
Statesmore than a decade, his design works  have been selected for the annual Design Award of American Headquarter. As a
manager, he led the U.S. W & R International Design Group, from the first
ten men, developed to a well-known design company with its center inShanghai, extended acrossChina, and has its core brands and
excellent performance. In 2009, W&R was selected "Top Ten Chinese
Foreign Architectural Design Firm" by authorities. 

Master of Urban Planning,Tongji University
Bachelor of Urban Planning,Wuhan University

2008- Present     W&R International Design Group(China),Shanghai, China
2007- 2008        W&R International Design Group, Asia-Pacific Rep.Shanghai,China
2006-2007         W&R International Design Group, Vancouver, Canada
2002-2003         U.S. STOA Architects(China),LLC,Shanghai,China

Registered Planners –China   # GH20053100264 

Professional Member,American
Institute of Architects (A.I.A.) 
——Annual Best Employee of USA W&R International Design Group in 2006  
——Water City/Waterfront Community awarded by (AIA) SFC as annual design excellence in 2008
——In 2008 becoming
Executive CEO of USA W&R International Design Group, Awarded as top 50
extraordinary Project Manager  
——Leads USA
W&R International Design Group becoming the top 10 foreign architecture design company in 2009 
——As Executive CEO of USA W&R International Design Group awarded as extraordinary Manager
of consultant area in 2009 
——Nine Islands Dreamy Capital Planning awarded as extraordinary Design by Garden City Awards
in 2009  
——The Jiang City international neighborhood project design awarded as Planning Excellence
of Classic Livable Neighborhood Planning Award in 2011
——The Jiang City international neighborhood project design has been awarded as Best
Residential Neighborhood and Most Valuable Neighborhood by Chinese Estate
Development Committee and Environment Protection Committee in 2013