Alexandra Lazarescu

Alexandra Lazarescu is a younger architect comes from Romania, she always treat design
works bluntly and sincerely, and keep a definite design direction during work,
very truly to face the environment and the requirement of clients and users, so
as to express social value of buildings. “Architecture looks after life”,
“creation of social space”, “emphasize on logic”, many of her principles are
very valuable in application and reference. Besides, her accurately
understanding of projects and persistence in construction are always
outstanding during younger architects.

Master of Architecture, UniversityofArchitectureand Urbanism “Lon Mincu”Bucharest, Romania 
Bachelor of  Architecture,UniversityofArchitectureand Urbanism “Lon Mincu”Bucharest, Romania

2012-present    W&R International Design Group, Shanghai,China 
2011-2012         SC Youth Architecture & Design SRL, Bucharest, Romania
2011-2011         SC Alfa Con SRL, Bucharest, Romania 
2010-2011         State Inspectorate in Constructions, Pitesti, Romania 
2009-2010         Jose Augusto de Silveira Franco,Brazil 2008- 2009     Asix Design SRL, Bucharest, Romania 

——The Jiang City international neighborhood project design has been awarded as Best
Residential Neighborhood and Most Valuable Neighborhood by Chinese Estate
Development Committee and Environment Protection Committee in 2013