John Zhang

More than ten years' experiences in construction design, Dr. Zhang Mingxin attaches great
importance to the interconnections among elements and proportions.  Under the philosophical
concept of rational architecture,  Dr. Zhang Mingxin focus on the place
character and pursues the inter-dialogues between the city and building in
order to seek for creation basis and logic, making building the readable text
of the city's structure texture. In regards to rational architecture, Dr. Zhang
Mingxin believes behind every object, there is a structure, which is the
critical basis of the formation. Dispelled by commercial interests, the
artistry of construction is weakened while its commercialization and
popularization is strengthened. Dr. Zhang Mingxin's designing concept is to
rescue the losing artistic value , rather than merely restore the
construction's artistry. 

Ph.D in Architecture, TongjiUniversity 
Master of  Architecture,TongjiUniversity
Bachelor of  Architecture,ShenyangArchitectureUniversity 

2007-Present W&R International Design Group,Shanghai, China 

Class 1 Registered Architect(PRC) 

——Gymnasium and Cultural Center of Weiting Architectural
Design awarded as Design Innovation by American
Institute of Architects in 2008  
——Nine Islands Dreamy Capital Planning awarded as extraordinary Design by Garden City
Awards in 2009