Mingzhu Wang

Mr. Wang has engaged in a lot of city planning such as real estate development, construction
project marketing and professional design research to gain much experience
which including the management , design, development , expanding project and
technological theory. He is expert in the modern construction design idea and
creates the design works which will fit the artistic and scientific. With an
innate ability to translate an owner’s needs into a design solution that balances
creativity, image and function with the practical concerns of budget, schedule
and operational goals, Mr. Wangmingzhu is capable of effectively implement

Urban  design, Tianjin university 

2010-Present        W&R  International Design Group 
2006-2010             Tianhua Architects
2005-2006             Brearley Architects and Urbanists (BAU) 
Registered Planners – China   # 10293142909310679