Raymond Meng

Raymond Meng
has experience in large scale projects, with all the great designers in W&R
Group,  he offers the efficient strategy
for perfect design. Raymond Meng can organize the project perfectly. he can
work on planning, concept design, developed design all by himself. And can find
the requires of market easily. Raymond Meng has a good relationship with his
clients, he has a good manner and attitude for working, for sure, he is a great
team partner.
Bachelor of  Architecture, Industry University of He Fe

2013-Present     W&R International Design Group, Shanghai, China 
2011-2012          Canada AAI Architectural Design Ltd 
2009-2011          Canada DGBK Architectural Design Ltd 
2006-2009          USA HZS Architectural Design Ltd 
2003-2006          Shanghai  Hai Zhu Architectural Design Ltd.